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Beware of Groupthink!

Bible Stories

Intelligent Design

Is the Bible Inspired?

Be cautious of people who add to scripture – coming soon

How to Tell if Someone is a False Prophet or an Apostate

Should You Test Your Beliefs?

Meditation and Speculation

Who is the Almighty?

Who is the Son of the Almighty?

Who is Satan?

Who is Abraham?

Is there life after death?

Is Michael, Jesus?

Bible Names and Their Meanings

The word, “name” can mean different things

Alpha and Omega

Understanding the relationships between the Father, Son, holy spirit, and followers of the Father

Who can be rightfully called, “god,” or “God?”

Isaiah 9:6,7: Who is this, “Mighty God?”

When Jesus states that he and his father are one, what does that mean?

What does “God the Father” mean?

What is the “Holy Spirit?”

What does “the Son” mean?

John 1:1c – “the Word was God” or “the Word was a god?”

What about the term, “I AM?”

What does it mean to worship, and can someone worship more than one person?

How Yahweh is identified as Jesus’ Lord and Father by Jesus himself and his apostles

Does the true rendering of Matthew 28:19 contain the command to baptize in the name of the Father and of the Holy Spirit? – Coming soon

Was Jesus’ father Joseph and was Mary a virgin? – Coming soon

The Soul and Spirit

How God’s kingdom will be as it was in ancient times

The Secrets of Jesus Returning!

Powerful Women of Revelation and Related Secrets Concerning the “Time of the End.”

The “Universal Issue” and why did God kill in the past?

How did ones view Jesus when he was on earth?

When is Jesus Coming?

What Happens When Jesus Comes?

Christ’s Bride, Apostasy, and the Great Crowd

The Faithful and Discreet Slave

Kingdom Illustrations by Jesus

The Last Supper

What does it mean to be “Born Again” and was Jesus born again?

The Rich Man and Lazarus. What does it mean?

What We Can Do and Our Personal Relationship with God

Thoughts of Encouragement

Jehovah’s Organized Heavenly and Earthly Rulership

Why the Year 1914 Could Not be the Year of Jesus’ Kingdom Beginning in Heaven

Why Satan Did Not Think Humans Would be Better Off Under His Rulership

Does Faith Need Works?

Do people need to follow the Mosaic Law or Sabbath, to be saved?

Does someone need to use Jesus’ name to be heard by the Almighty?

A Timeline Interpretation of Prophesy Concerning Jesus’ Second Coming



















The Original Gospel of Matthew – Coming soon

How do we know that the original book of Matthew was written in the Hebrew language?

Was Mary a virgin?

What was the “Moses’ seat?”

Did Jesus tell his followers to follow the Pharisees?

The 30 pieces of silver



Other Prophesy

Politics and Military


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