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Always seeking the truth of the Almighty, as we traverse the narrow path leading to God’s reward!

This site helps people to learn how to search for the truths of God’s word. There is no work that is more responsible or rewarding!

Whether one is a teacher or student of God’s word, it is critical to keep testing teachings claimed to be bible based. There is a lot of falsehood, in this world, that can cause someone to stumble off the path. But if that does occur, it does not mean that someone can get back up and keep going!

Teachers of God’s word can be viewed as merchants of diamonds.

The true dealers will always freely allow the checking of their merchandise. They have confidence that what they have to sell is real. And if a bad diamond is found, the true dealer will immediately throw it away. The true dealer seeks what is right.

The con-artist dealers will have good and bad diamonds mixed in. The ones skilled in deception will present the real diamonds first, to build trust from the buyers. But as time goes on, they sell fake diamonds hoping the buyer does not feel the need to question the authenticity. The wicked dealer will also try everything to keep the fake diamonds from being tested. He might say, “I have sold you all these other good diamonds, I can’t believe that you don’t trust me after all these years. Why should you doubt me? You have no need to test these too.” And if you persist to want to test the fake diamonds, he will get mad and kick you out of his store. When he has other customers that hear of it, he will tell them that you were misguided and were acting crazy. He might even say that he loves you but that you are the one not to be trusted!”

As we seek the hidden treasures of God’s word, we should always test what we find! There is only true honor in that! May the Almighty bless our efforts!





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