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As times become more confusing for many, God’s Word is what people should look to. It is the brilliant beacon of truth that can help people to straighten their worship to the Almighty.

There are many men and organizations that want people to look to them, claiming to have God’s backing and performing powerful signs. But God’s real people will not be fooled. Man’s word only leads to despair. Jeremiah 10:23

Lovers of God will always look to God’s messages for reassurance and guidance.  This site helps people to check their beliefs and to readjust their worship, if needed, to come to have a better relationship with the Almighty. Acts 17:11-12

Do you feel as if you do not need to check your beliefs? That is exactly what the great opposer of the Almighty wants you to think.  He wants people to follow man’s word rather than God’s. Complacency can be dangerous.

In the last period of the Gentile times, also known by many as “the time of the end,” there will be a spiritual awakening and cleansing from crooked teachings. However, in order to be cleansed spiritually, one needs to discern straight biblical truths from God rather than crooked and twisted teachings from men. By directing attention to God’s inspired scriptures, this site assists truth seekers to do that and more! 2 Timothy 3:16-17

May we be found to have straightened our worship, upon the day of inspection!

Feel free to look into the following Bible stories and topics. Feel free to comment (Use a nickname if you want) and do research with the mind that God gave you. Remember, it is God who gives true wisdom. Not man. To search for the truth from God is an honorable thing to do. Just as in Jesus’ day, many religious organizations instill fear or complacency into their members to prevent them from searching for it. But if an organization believes that they have the truth, there should be no fear in testing their doctrines because they could not be proven wrong. So why do so many religious organizations prevent their members from seeking the truth of God? They are more afraid of protecting their organization then seeking God’s truth! Their love for their organization is stronger than their love for God. Hopefully, you love God more than any imperfect man or organization. May your searching be blessed! Psalms 119:167- 120:2 ;Matthew 6:33



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