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I have done my best in explaining prophesy, using credible sources, but I am not infallible. I know the truth will become clearer as time goes on and it is my determination to pass my knowledge on, in a timely fashion.

Helpful hint for those who want to understand things as fast as possible, with clarity, do not try to understand how understandings of prophesy were figured out by man. Just start with a "clean" slate and just use the inspired writings. Use God's Word along with the ever so power of prayer, God will direct you, as long as your heart yearns to follow him above all else.

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Copyright 2018; Dale Arthur Beckman, Jr.; All rights reserved. -  *Most scriptures quoted are from the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (Reference Edition 1984) unless otherwise noted and have been copied by hand and yet need proof-reading. See my channel on Youtube.com for some of the latest information and please have a blessed day :)