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Scriptural Basics


This web site is primarily designed for students of the inspired scriptures that are not afraid to allow the word of man to be checked by the word of God (especially God's people). It is also designed for those who have a basic grasp of the scriptures. Will you find something that you do not agree with? - Probably. And I challenge those ones to check your reasoning upon the scriptures - Not what is traditionally taught by man.

For some scriptural basics, I am going to place a couple of important points that are necessary to understand in order to make sense of passages in the Bible:

Proverbs 1:7 "The fear of Jehovah is the beginning of knowledge..."

The only Almighty God is known as Jehovah in the English language. This name was inspired to be part of the holy scriptures and actually belongs there about 7,000 times - It is only by some men's thoughts and traditions that it had been removed by many translations. They give their excuses but I can not think of any excuse that would be a good excuse to change something that God had done - They must think they know better then God - How sad and bad.

The trinity from the viewpoint that the three are "one being" is nowhere supported in the scriptures - Show me that it is and I will post it. However, from the viewpoint that Jesus and his Father (Jehovah) are one in unity of purpose, yes, that is supported. For anyone who has a difficult time understanding the trinity - realize that this was not taught in the first century because it is a teaching of man. I would suggest reading the book of John all the way through. This excellent book will help you to understand the relationship between Jesus, his Father, and Jesus' followers.

The soul dies. The thought that the soul does not die goes back a long, long time and it too is a teaching of man that is not supported by the Bible. Some may take a few scriptures out of context to try to make people believe that there is a "hell" or that the soul lives on but that is not the case. If one looks up the word "soul" in a concordance (such as for the King James Version) one will see where the word is used and that it is used hundreds of times. By examining each occurrence, one will see that the soul is mortal. A couple of examples: When Michael stands up: "And there will be many of those asleep in the ground of dust who will wake up.." (Daniel 12:2) // Ecclesiastes 12:1-7 talk about growing old and then when one dies; "Then the dust returns to the earth just as it happened to be and the spirit itself returns to [the] true God who gave it" (vs.7). // Genesis 3:19 "In the sweat of your face you will eat bread until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken. For dust you are and to dust you will return." // Isaiah 26:19 "Your dead ones will live. A corpse of mine - they will rise up. Awake and cry out joyfully, YOU residents in the dust!..." // John 5:28,29 // Revelation 20:11-15

However, it is interesting about how Israel's first human king Saul had a "Witch of Endor... bring up" the deceased prophet Samuel (1 Samuel 28:3-25). Is it possible for the dead to be awoken this way or was it a spirit pretending to be Saul? Either way is possible. However, one thing that is true is that Jehovah hates divination! So don't mess with spiritism! Don't be stupid and find yourself involved with something that the Almighty hates. (Deuteronomy 18:9-12; Leviticus 19:26,31; 20:27) Saul died the next day...

Other "basics" are gone over in the "Why Satan..", "Jehovah's rulership", and "Other prophesy" links.



Copyright 2018; Dale Arthur Beckman, Jr.; All rights reserved. -  *Most scriptures quoted are from the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (Reference Edition 1984) unless otherwise noted and have been copied by hand and yet need proof-reading. See my channel on Youtube.com for some of the latest information and please have a blessed day :)